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Rose City Comic Con 11"x17" Inked Commission (Single character w/ background)


This is a *PRE-ORDER* for one 11"x17" Inked commission to be completed and picked up at the 2018 Rose City Comic Con.

*These photos are examples of the type of commission listed here, which includes one single character request. But if I've got an idea for a design that includes other elements (background characters, cars, etc) I'll include them at no extra charge at my discretion : )

Once purchased, please include your character request in the "INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT" section.

Additional characters are available at $50 per. Please let me know if you'd like to add one and I'll create a new slot for it here in the online store.

****Please note that these slots are for people *attending the convention* and not for mail order. These are only going to be available for pickup at the show. I plan to open up some general commission slots a bit later in the year.

Quick disclaimer-- I do not accept requests for the following:
-Cover re-creations
-Sexually explicit content